* Easy & fun to build - Really!
* Roomy: sizes from 6x8 to 36x36+
* Durable: reusable for decades
* Low Cost - affordable to all.
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Whether you refer to the Holiday as Sukkot, Succos, Succot, Succoth, Sukkoth, or Feast of Tabernacles...we can provide the finest, most affordable kits for building a sukkah, (or a succah, sukka, or succa) perfect for your family, school or congregation.

Sukkot Succos Succot  Succoth

Shalom, and welcome to the Sukkah ProjectTM.

Since 5757 (1996) we have provided sturdy, affordable, easy-to-build Sukkah Kits to families, schools & congregations throughout North America.

Browse our website to learn about our unique Wood-Frame & Tubular Sukkah Kits and the other items we offer for Sukkot observance:

Bamboo Sukkah Roof Mats (S'chach)
Original weatherproof Sukkah Banners
Etrog / Lulav Sets imported from Israel
and more

Be sure to visit our Sukkah Gallery filled with customer photos showing the variety of ways a beautiful sukkah can be built with our kits.

And visit the Customer Comments page to read customer feedback about the Sukkah Project kits.


Abram, Ben & Sandra Herman

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